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ASEMUNDUS 2009-2012                                          Ec Erasmus Mundus En Small

Enhancing higher education cooperation between the EU and Asia (2009-2013).

ASEMUNDUS is a joint initiative, coordinated by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and is implemented in cooperation with the National Structures for Erasmus Mundus from the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus. ASEMUNDUS is co-financed by the European Commission in the framework of Erasmus Mundus Action 3 - Promotion of European Higher Education.  


The ASEM Ministers of Education underlined an increasing demand for higher education cooperation and mobility between the EU and Asia. The Ministers' Meeting in Hanoi 2009 explicitly recognized Erasmus Mundus as an example of good practice and highly welcomed proposals and initiatives on promoting joint programmes and mobility between ASEM countries. ASEMUNDUS addresses this demand.

Objectives: Asemundus

  • Enhance the visibility and attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area and Erasmus Mundus within Asian ASEM member states

  • Enhance the participation of Asian higher education institutions within new and/or existing Erasmus Mundus joint programmes

  • Facilitate and strengthen institutional cooperation between higher education institutions from the EU and Asia

Instruments and main activities:

  • To enhance the visibility and general awareness of Erasmus Mundus in targeted Asian ASEM countries, the project actively participated in three higher education fairs in three different Asian ASEM member states.
  • To corroborate these promotional efforts and to assure sustainability, a network of local promoters has been established at institutional level within the targeted countries.
  • In order to help facilitate and strengthen cooperation and increase the number of Erasmus Mundus partnerships and joint study programmes between European and Asian higher education institutions, a thematic networking seminar was organized parallel to each fair attendance. The seminars were focussed on relevant topics for the ASEM educational process and on the benefits of joint studying programmes. They were also used to train the local promoters.
  • Representatives from existing Erasmus Mundus joint programms were nominated as Erasmus Mundus Experts (EMex), to provide good practice examples during the seminars and the ASEMUNDUS final conference "Succeeding in European-Asian Higher Education Cooperation". 
  • In order to diffuse gained experiences and to raise the accessibility of important information on European-Asian Higher Education Cooperation ASEMUNDUS provides a Good Practice Report, here available as e-brochure.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

For a brief overview on the project's essentials, take a look at the summarizing article.

If you want to get in contact to ASEMUNDUS promoters in Asia, see the list of the promoters' network.

How to reach us:  

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